What facilities to develop in this real estate project?

  • How many apartments or houses can the market absorb?
  • How many square meters of retail and what type of businesses?
  • Should offices, a logistical warehouse or a nursing home be established?

Optimize your mixed-use program

Functional mixity is a real challenge for the Real Estate, from the citizens, consumers and investors’ point of view as well as from the policy makers and issuing authorities’. Co-Creating Tomorrow’s Territory, in a sustainable and efficient way, choosing scientifically the right equipment (residential, commercial, office, logistical, industrial, service, leisure, nursing home…).

Which positioning for each equipment?

  • Guarantee to develop the right brands, at the right size and in the right location
  • Knowledge of market and consumers’ requirements
  • Thorough consumption basin and socio-demographic analysis

Because knowing exactly how to size and position your project is the key to success!

For you. For the Territory. For the future occupants of your project. Because it is essential to know the market and the consumers’ requirements. Our positioning and sizing studies offer the guarantee of an independent, neutral and objective consumption basin analysis in order to develop the right equipment, at the right size and in the right location.